An Exceptional
Investor Experience.

Designed for limited partners of leading private equity funds, real estate funds and hedge funds, InvestorVision modernizes your communications and reporting in a delightful digital experience.

Designed for Investors.

Thoughtfully designed to deliver a seamless user experience for your LPs, the InvestorVision Portal uses common web design conventions to create an experience that's as familiar and intuitive as the best modern web applications.

A responsive, mobile-optimized framework makes it easy to access documents from any device and any browser.

All of that adds up to investors having easy access to the things they need, whenever they need them.

Your Brand.
One Experience.

Want your investor's portal experience to be consistent with the rest of your brand? Of course you do. That's why we give you options.

Customize your portal with your company logo, font and colors, to create an on-brand portal experience.

Incorporate your portal into your current company website with a custom domain and login page, delivering a seamless, branded web experience from your homepage to your portal.

Document Sharing.
Slice. Dice. Download.

There are countless reasons investors need to access their documents; we designed for all of them.

Whether they need K-1s for all their investments at once, capital calls for multiple investments in the same fund, or a one-off transfer doc for their accountant - it's easy to find and download any set of documents from a single, powerful documents page.

Secure. Compliant.

Your data is kept confidential and secure with industry leading encryption protocols and features like dual-factor authentication and a robust permission management system.

Deliver K-1s electronically to your limited partners by getting their consent in a fully compliant manner per IRS guidelines.

All Investment Data.
One Portal.

Diverse investments shouldn't mean a fragmented experience. InvestorVision integrates with your underlying data to give your investors a unified view across all their Private Equity, Hedge and Real Estate investments. And it lets them drill down to individual investments to see a digital statement, and track period over period reporting.